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Crafting an award-winning beauty brand

Meet Beauty Brigade, a powerhouse team of licensed and seasoned on-site hair and makeup artists, each boasting over a decade of expertise in the beauty realm. Their journey was to shed their boho image and connect with clients beyond their local scene. We took up the mantle of transforming their brand into a captivating editorial style and breaking into the Florida market. Our mission led us to redefine their brand positioning, identity, and website, all centered around the idea of elevating your natural beauty while crafting an unforgettable, delightful experience.

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brand strategy


brand positioning & strategizing

After an extensive journey through market research, we unearthed a striking truth: brides deeply value a beauty team that not only listens but also truly comprehends their desires. This revelation aligns with their broader worldview.

These discerning brides insist on a professional beauty team that excels in attentive listening, profound vision understanding, and stress alleviation. They hold quality in the highest regard, recognizing its indispensable role in delivering a service of paramount importance on their wedding day.

brand identity


thinking beyond the logo

To transform the brand from boho to editorial, we began by simplifying the logo and infusing modernity into the submark, placing a special emphasis on the captivating double 'B's. In a stroke of creativity, we designed a bespoke icon that seamlessly merged a bullet's sleekness with the allure of a lipstick, a subtle nod to the 'brigade' name.

Drawing inspiration from the world of mob movies, we adopted an elongated yet elegant serif font that added a touch of edginess to the brand. And last but not least, we customized 'Beauty Brigade' by ingeniously replacing the 'i' with the unique lipstick icon we designed, delivering an editorial, chic, and irresistibly edgy style.

website design


building a stylish digital home

Our primary goal for the website was to create an immersive and captivating client experience. To strike the perfect balance, we fused modern, sleek design elements with the elegance of editorial aesthetics. Large sections adorned with a timeless serif font brought a touch of Vogue-inspired sophistication, infusing an air of high fashion into the design.

The strategic choice of a bold auburn color was deliberate, designed to instantly capture the attention of our visitors in key areas of the website, creating memorable focal points. Leveraging the Beauty Brigade team's on-brand media allowed us to seamlessly integrate subtle pops of portfolio work, further enhancing the visual appeal of the site.

full brand launch


creating a comprehensive brand launch

In addition to crafting an impactful brand strategy and identity, we orchestrated a holistic brand launch for Beauty Brigade, ensuring they had all the necessary assets to make a lasting impression.Our approach to copywriting for the website was heavily influenced by the glamour and allure of fashion magazine editorials, seamlessly blending the sophistication of modern beauty brands. We didn't just stop at aesthetics; prioritizing SEO was a pivotal client request. We deftly infused the copy with a harmonious blend of SEO keywords and captivating industry-centric phrases, ensuring that Beauty Brigade's online presence soared.

Beyond the website, we took charge of Beauty Brigade's Instagram management, fostering exponential growth, nurturing warm leads, and fostering valuable connections with industry peers. In a partnership that extends beyond ordinary, Beauty Brigade entrusts us with a retainer to handle a spectrum of responsibilities, including blog posting, website maintenance and updates, Pinterest management, and strategic marketing planning. Our dedication to the brand's success knows no bounds.




"Hugueth and her team were so professional, timely, and FUN, from our first call to the final review & launch of my website. They understood my vision clearly and executed it to the fullest, delivering a quality service and product!!! I would definitely recommend them if you are thinking of a business re-brand or if you need a brand new website! They really are the DREAM TEAM!! "

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