Dare to dream it. We design it. Dare to dream it. We design it. Dare to dream it. We Design It.

Dare To dream it. we design it. Dare To Dream It. We Design It.

Design Services

Branding & web design is our ish. We understand that a good brand makes you feel something. That something is the secret to attracting your dream client and pretty much making them fall in love with your brand so much that they want to buy from you. We'll give you a luxury experience and translate that into your brand. Basically, we're not here to play around, our goal is to level up your brand to luxe status. 

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Business Coaching

This isn't your average business coach. We're here to level you up! Every coaching session is filled with planning, learning, and creating actionable strategies that you can apply to your business everyday. We see business coaching different than most - for us its about creating a meaningful relationship with you and helping you use your skills to build an empire. Our CEO & your business coach, Hugueth, has an incredible ability to think 100 steps ahead. She's going to help you scale your business to levels that will scare you (but in a good way). Her top priority is always you and your success. 

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We turn your brand into a 
luxury experience.

Don’t take our
word for it, take theirs:

I am so so thankful for Moodee Studio, for working with me on my budget. That was beyond helpful and SO meaningful! (especially during this time -COVID) Hugueth and Walther were so professional, timely, and FUN, from our first phone call to the final review & launch of my website. They understood my vision clearly and executed it to the fullest, delivering a quality service and product!!! I would definitely recommend them if you are thinking of a business re-brand or if you need a brand new website! They really are the DREAM TEAM!! Thank you so much again. I truly appreciate EVERYTHING!

Mandi // Beauty Brigade

I completed a 1:1 Brand Strategy Session with Hugueth from Moodee Studio. Before working with her, I struggled to understand which platforms I should be focusing on to market my business. Hugueth helped me to design a strategy that works with my schedule and end goals, and now I have so much more clarity on what I should be focusing on to promote my services. Hugueth communicates very fast, she is SOO sweet, incredibly knowledgeable in branding, and doesn't hold back from sharing all her knowledge to help you succeed in your business! I couldn't recommend working with Moodee Studio more!!

Krystal // Styled By Krystal Andrea

Hugueth's eye for branding is spectacular and the way that Walther applied those ideas on the website were beyond my expectation. Loved working with them and I love how my site looks! I have more clients than ever!

Sobehida // Park 23 Bistro

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About The Owners

About The Owners



Our BTS web genius, Walther, is always on the lookout for the latest web development. His overpriced masters in software engineering is NOT what makes him stand out. It's his ability to make wild designs possible with his coding skills. When he's not researching UX trends, you can find him writing code & developing apps.

The Creative Director behind everything Moodee Studio does, Hugueth has an eye for branding & anything aesthetic. She believes art fuels the soul. Her MBA, experience working with high-end clients like Mastercard, being head of Marketing for a smoke shop, and 8+ years of experience in the industry are what gives her the ability to elevate your brand into luxury status.

CFO//Web Master//Coding Jedi

CEO//Creative Director//HBIC

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